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2003 page 3
Travel log

Chesapeke Bay

8/4 To Hampton. Nice harbor downtown with free dinghy dock.  Took city bus to Mariners Museum, nice museum.

8/6 To Deltaville, VA. Nice harbor, free dinghy dock. S winds, picked up to 15 knots, a bit bouncy.

8/10 To Urbanna. Cloudy, a few light showers. Nice town, Grocery and restaurants nearby. Got 25 gallons gas.

8/12 To Glebe creek, near the mouth of the Patomac. Nice day, except threataning thunderstorm in the afternoon. Rained a bit after anchoring.

8/13 To Cobb Island, Patomac. Nice day, hot and hazy, no rain! Nice little town, the type of town I expected on the Chesapeke.

8/14 To Mattawoman Creek, about 70 miles up Patomac. Calm and hot, no rain.

8/15 To Washington DC. Calm day. Used yacht club facilities and dinghy dock for $10 a day. Explored downtown and Smithsonian, got to see Archie Bunkers Chair. Got 33 gallons gas.

8/21 To Mattawomen Creek. Calm and hot.

8/22 To Cobb Island, hot and calm.

3/25 To St Marys City, near the mouth of patomac. Toured historical site.

8/26 Moved to a somewhat exposed spot on the St Marys river so I could use my phone, nice squall in evening, bounced around quite a bit.

8/27 Anchored in Smith Creek near mouth of Patomac, another nice thunderstorm in evening, but I was anchored in a protected spot.

8/28 To Solomons, MD. Nice place, groceries nearby, nice maritime museum.

9/3 To St Micheals, MD. Anchored in San Domingo creek off Choptank. Nice day, calm.

9/8 To Oxford. Nice small town, lots of pretty boats. Good protected harbor. Rainy and windy for a few days.

9/14 To St Micheals, downtown, off Miles River. Calm, but lots of boat traffic. Getting a bit nervous about Isabel, looks like it could be too close for comfort.

9/15 To Harness Creek in South River. Found nice hurricane hole, decided to stay and wait out the storm. 3 mile walk to downtown Annapolis.

9/17, 9/19. Rode out Isabel, no problems. 7 foot tidal surge, flooded downtown Annapolis. Lots of people lost power for a few days.

9/22 To Spa Creek, Annapolis. $25.00 for mooring, waste of money. Nice and bouncy, no hot water at shower facilities.

9/23 Anchored further out in rather exposed area, nice and bouncy at times.

9/26 To Solomans, nice day, calm and hazy.

9/30 To Mill Creek, just south of Patomac. One of my anchors came loose, spent an hour unsuccessfully trying to find it. Got 34 gallons gas.

10/01/03 To Hampton, nice day, West wind early, then calm.

10/3 To Norfolk.

Fall 2003

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