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2003 page 2
Travel log


6/23  To mile 937, ICW.  Nice day, not too hot, no rain!  Got 29 galons gas.  Anchored near park, walked to beach.  Atlantic ocean is COLD! (75 degrees)

6/24  To mile 937, near Titusville.  Nice and sunny day.  9 foot swing bridge at Titusville doesn't open between 3:15 and 4:30, got there at 3:20, decided to anchor near spoil island for the night. 

6/25 To mile 830, Daytona Beach. Anchored near launching ramp. Spent an extra day in Daytona, checked out the Boot Hill Saloon, amongst other places. Just another beach town.

6/27 To mile 779, St Augustine. $5.00 a day dinghy dock. Stayed for weekend, lots of neet old buildings. Went to Ripleys Believe it or not museum.

6/30 To mile 710, Cumberland Island. Walked to nice beach

7/1/03 To mile 693, anchored in the middle of nowhere. A bit breezy, but it was a following wind. I wouldnt have wanted to head into that chop in St Andrews sound. Got 28 gallons gas.

7/2 To mile 686. Good SW breeze again. Anchored in side creek near junky old marina, nice Publix grocery store nearby.

7/3 To mile 536, Beufort, SC. Nice day, not as windy. Good place to stay for the weekend.

7/7 to mile 496. Nice day, hot of course. Got 26 gallons gas. Anchored in side creek in the middle of nowhere, lots of no-see-ums.

7/8 To mile 473, Charlston. Nice day. Anchored near Buzzards roost marina, $5.00 a day dinghy dockage. Visited My Sister, and toured Charlston a bit.

7/14 To mile 439. Rained all morning, got underway about noon. Got 16 gallons gas. Sprinkled off and on untill 2:00. Anchored in nice spot in side creek.

7/15 To mile 381. A little rain in the afternoon. Anchored in beutiful spot in side creek surrounded by Cyprus swamp. Saw gator swimming near shore.

7/16 To mile 330. Anchored in shallow spot off channel. Walked to beach, nice day.

7/17 To mile 285, Writesville Beach. Anchored near dinghy dock, launched dinghy. It wasnt too great a spot, wind opposing current and a surprising amount of boat wakes, considering that it was near lots of docked boats. Decided to move to better spot, tied dinghy to side. Boat wake swamped dinghy, spent a while retrieving oars and junk. One oar had the handle chewed off by some propeller.

7/18  To mile 204, Beaufort, NC.  Lowered mast so I wouldn't have to wait for bridges.  Nice anchorage, a bit crowded, but no wake zone is respected.  Spent lots of time in NC Maritime museum, nice nautical library. 

7//21  Took inside route to Cape Lookiut, nice trip, not as difficult as I was told.  Beautiful anchorage, as long as wind stays out of SW.  Nice ocean beach.

7/24  Bach to Beaufort, nice day.  Strong SW winds previous two days.

7/25 To mile 181, Oriental, NC.  Nice day, spent weekend in Oriental, nice town, lots of sailboats and interesting boat people.

7/28 To mile 135, Bellhaven. Nice day, still SW winds. Bellhaven hasn't been discovered yet, a bit rundown. Dollar store near place to land dinghy, restocked groceries. Only one bar in town. Got 26 gallons gas in Oriental.

7/29 To mile 104. Rained a bit just after anchoring, otherwise nice and calm day.

7/30 to mile 51, Elizebeth City. Nice and calm in abermarle sound. Free dock downtown. Got 25 gallons gas.

7/31 To mile 28, Dismal Swamp Canal. Nice scenery, no traffic.

8/1/03 To mile 0, downtown Norfolk. Descent anchorage downtown, free dinghy dock.

A hitchhiker

One of the small houses north of Vero Beach


A nice long dock

Pontoon bridge


Dismal Swamp Canal

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