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Fall, 2001
Travel log

Boonville to the gulf

09/29/01  Missouri River mile 200 to mile 143. Perfect weather, sunny, low 70s.  Saw no commercial traffic, only small johnboats and other fishermen.  Anchored off channel near sandbar.

9/30 To mile 63.  Another nice day.  Saw three JetSkis and some other pleasure boats, but no commercial traffic.  Nice thick fog in morning, didn't get underway till 10:00.  Didn't see the fuel dock that was supposed to be at mile 81.5.  There was a floating dock with a few houseboats, but no sign of fuel.  Saw 3 deer swimming across river.

10/01  To mile 2, Missouri River. Nice day, saw one small tow and a few fishermen. Anchored off sandbar.

Anchored on the Missouri River

One of the few facilities on the Missouri River, a baitshop

10/02  To mile 120, Mississippi River. Went through lock at St Louis, no wait.  Stopped at Kimswick to get gas, 22 gallons.  St Genivieve harbor was mud, the river was too low. Anchored by sandbar.  4 snowbirds passed me, lots of commercial traffic.

10/03 To mile 59, anchored between 2 wing dams.  Warm and windy, saw 4 snowbirds, one wake monster.

10/04 To mile 1, Upper Mississippi.  Another nice warm day.  Anchored behind island with 2 stinkpots, saw one sailboat heading south, and one sailboat heading north?!

Heading toward down town St. Louis

Tower Rock

Prison with a view, Chester, ILL

Hermann, Missouri

Interesting tow on Missouri River

This was supposed to be a gas dock

an interesting boat house

Chain of Rocks lock, Saint Louis

Hoppie's fuel dock at Kimswick, MO

Snowbird heading soutn


One of the many huge tows on the Lower Mississippi

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