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2005 (page 8)
Travel log


Sunday, September 18.

To mile 618. Perfect day, nice and sunny and not to hot. Quite a bit of pleasure boat traffic. Anchored near Concord, by yacht club. One of the only places on this upper river that there were lots of sailboats.

Monday, September 19

To mile 603. Nice day, clear and warm. Anchored near marina by dam.

Wednesday, September 21

To mile 568. Got 35 gallons gas. Nice weather, warm and calm. Anchored near Kingston city park.

Saturday, September 24

To mile 501. Nice day, warm and hazy. Not too much weekend traffic

Sunday, September 25.

To mile 477. Strong South breeze, nice chop on the lake, not much traffic. Anchored near marina in protected harbor

Tuesday, September 27

To Mile 464, downtown Chattanooga.

Sunday, October 2

To mile 427. Nice day, a bit warm and humid.

Monday, October 3

To mile 379. Another nice day, anchored in nice isolated harbor.

Tuesday, October 4

To mile 350. Same as yesterday, great weather. Got 32 gallons gas. Anchored in nice harbor just above lock and dam.

Wednesday, October 5

To mile 334. Stopped at a marina. Went to the Huntsville Space Center with another couple. They rented a car, since it was cheaper than taking a cab.

Thursday, October 6

To mile 275. Cloudy and breezy, a few sprinkles. Nice and choppy. Anchored just above dam.

Friday, October 7.

Stayed put, windy and cool.

Saturday, October 8

To mile 230. Still breezy and cool. Anchored in only harbor nearby, exposed to the North, where the wind was coming from. Not too bouncy, just windy. Motor still refuses to charge batteries. No sun, had to fun generetor.

Sunday, October 9

To mile 417, Ten-Tom waterway. Broke bowsprit trying to remove anchor chain from tree. Pretty stupid, the water was only 4 feet deep, it would have been no trouble getting in the water and untangling it, which I ended up doing. I was just to lazy to get into the water, because it was cold out. Cloudy and cold all day, didn’t get above 65 degrees.

Tuesday, October 11

To mile 394. Cloudy and overcast all day. Stayed at Midway Marina.

Wednesday, October 12

To mile 358. Nice day, sunny and warm. Anchored at Blue Bluff recreation area, near Aberdeen, Mississippi. Got 35 gallons gas.

Sunday, October 16

To mile 331, Columbus, Mississippi. Anchored in cuttoff near downtown. Nice sunny day.

Thursday, October 20

To mile 270. Anchored near recreation area. Nice sunny day.

Friday, October 21
To mile 224. Another nice day. Anchored in old river cuttoff.

Saturday, October 22

To mile 216, Demopolis. Anchored in shallow area near Demopolis Yacht basin.

Tuesday, October 25.

Hauled out in Demopolis to install bow thruster and paint bottom.

Thursday, November 3.

Re-launched boat. Bow thruster works good. Got to mile 188. Nice and sunny day, upper 70‘s. Anchored by sandbar. Discovered leak in bow thruster trunk, only leaks when underway. I think I got it patched. Got 20 gallons gas.

Friday, November 4

To mile 145. Anchored in creek with two other boats. Warm and partly sunny today.

Saturday, November 5.

To mile 79. Mostly cloudy with sprinkles. Went through lock, bow thruster didn’t work. I don’t know what the problem is, possibly loose wire. Anchored in wide part of river by sandbar.

Sunday, November 6

To mile 19. Anchored in wide spot off channel.

Monday, November 7

To Dog river, south of Mobile. Dead calm in bay, nice and warm. Got 31 gallons gas. Found out why bow thruster didn’t work, it leaked. Water comes up under pressure, and I can’t figure out a way to keep it from getting into box with bowthruster. Took the whole thing apart, back to the drawing board.

Sunday, November 20.

To mile 178, just west of Pensacola inlet. Nice calm day, cloudy and mid 60‘s.

Monday, November 21.

Stayed put, NW winds 25 to 30 knots.

Tuesday, November 22.

To mile 222. NW wind about 15 knots, nice clear day, mid 60‘s.

Wednesday, November 23.

To mile 290. Nice and calm day, got a bit of SW breeze in the afternoon. Clear and lower 60‘s. Anchored in harbor across from downtown Panama City.

Thursday, November 24, Thanksgiving.

To mile 350, Apalachicola. Nice day, calm and mid 60‘s.

Saturday, November 26.

To Tyson’s harbor, Dog Island. Light east winds, sunny. Anchored in one of my favorite harbors at Dog Island, a good place to wait for calm conditions for crossing the Big Bend. I will have to wait for the predicted cold front to come through Monday or Tuesday.

Thursday, December 1.

To Stienhatchee. NW wind, about 12 knots. Nice choppy beam sea for a while, then it calmed down. Made good time, averaged about 7.5 knots.

Friday, December 2.

To Cedar Key. North winds, about 15 knots, quite choppy, but at least it was a following sea.

Saturday, December 3.

To Anclote Key. East winds, about 15 knots early, nice and choppy. Became calm after noon. Anchored near lighthouse.

Sunday, December 4.

To Mile 110, north end of Tampa Bay bridge. Nice day, lots of Sunday traffic.

Monday, December 5.

To mile 25, Caya Costa. Left at sunup, anchored just after it set. Long day, but nice weather.

Tuesday, December 6. To Ft Myers Beach. I planned on spending a day at Caya Costa, but decided to leave in the morning because it was supposed to get windy for the next few days.

I will stay put in Fort Myers Beach for a while.