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2005 (page 7)

Travel log


Sunday, August 21.

To mile 455. Anchored behind island, quite a bit of small boat traffic and jetskis. I decided that I didn’t want to get to downtown Chattanooga on a weekend. Still nice and hot, I don’t think the cold front is going to make it.

Monday, August 22

To mile 464, Chattanooga. Anchored behind island right downtown. There is a nice new floating dock for transient boats. Toured the Tennessee aquarium, and walked around town a bit. There is a free shuttle buss running through downtown, it runs every 5 minutes. There is a grocery store 4 blocks from the river, and a few bars and restaurants. Found a nice brewpub, they make great beer. I sampled a few.

Tuesday, August 23.

Spent more time in Chattanooga, took the city bus to the famous incline railway up Lookout Mountain, quite impressive.

Large bascule bridge in Chattanooga

Downtown dock in Chattanooga

Thursday, August 25

To mile 501. Got 25 gallons gas at neat small marina. Anchored off channel in wildlife preserve, nice spot. Still hot an humid, just over 90 today. The lake water is cooler than the lakes further downstream, however.

Friday, August 26

To mile 537. Anchored in isolated bay in island, nice place. Still no change in the weather.

Saturday, August 27.

To mile 568. Anchored near park in Kingston. Not too much boat traffic, considering it was a weekend. Kingston has a dinghy dock close to downtown, grocery store nearby. Couldn’t find any bars.

Sunday, August 28

To Mile 584. After hanging around near Kingston, checking out the latest updates on Hurricane Katrina, I decided to make a few miles progress, so I could go through the last lock early Monday. I wanted to be up in the next pool before the effects of the hurricane arrived. Found a nice spot to anchor behind an island.

Monday, August 29

To mile 603. Got 24 gallons of gas. I topped off my tanks, because I figured that gas prices would go up quite a bit in a few days. Anchored in very protected harbor off Tellico lake

Tuesday, August 30.

Stayed put, not too much rain, and quite windy.

Wednesday, August 31.

To mile 17, tellico lake. I had a heck of a time untangling my anchor from a tree. Next time I will use an anchor float. Lots of impressive large new houses along south shore of lake, North shore was undeveloped. Anchored by city park near small town of Vonore. Grocery stores and laundromat nearby. I noticed that gas prices went up to $2.99 a gallon at local gas station. I hope the situation doesn’t get out of hand, and they start rationing gas, the first thing they will limit is gas for recreation, and it may be impossible to get gas at marinas for any price. I won’t have to get any gas for a few weeks, or until I start heading South. I saw a fishing chart for the lake, and it showed the bay I anchored in earlier filled with "obstructions" (dead trees, apparently)

Friday, September 2.

Went up Tellico river for a while, until it got narrow and had lots of stumps. I turned around and came back near Vonore, and anchored behind island.

Saturday, September 3.

I went up the little Tennesse river to the dam, about mile 33, then turned around and came back to Vonore. Very scenic, I almost got to the mountains. Great weather, sunny, not too hazy, mid 80‘s.

Monday, September 5.

Back to the Tennesse River. Pleasure boat traffic wasn’t to bad, I only saw a few larger boats, and they were going slow. Anchored in nice spot near park. Still great weather.

Tuesday, September 6.

To mile 617. I stopped at Concord Marina, because I had to have a mechanic look at my motor, it wasn’t charging the batteries. Pretty expensive, $1.00 a foot per night, most marinas around here charge half that. I had to lower my mast to get under a 17 foot bridge.

Wednesday, September 7.

To Mile 647, Knoxville. The mechanic found the problem, but had to order a part. I decided to head up to Knoxville, I plan on heading back down after the part arrives. Lots of impressive mansions along this stretch of river, otherwise quite scenic. There are even a few farms left. Anchored downtown Knoxville.  There is a free dock by the University, but I was a bit worried about leaving my boat there unnattended.

Sunday, September 11

Back to mile 617. Quite a bit of weekend boat traffic, it appears that the high gas prices aren’t effecting things much. Anchored near Concord Marina.

Monday, September 12

To mile 625. Got motor fixed, then I headed up river to mile 625. Anchored in side creek near park, would have been a nice quiet anchorage except for one annoying PWC.


Tuesday, September 13.

To Knoxville again.

Getting closer to Chattanooga

Anchored in downtown Chattanooga

Riding up the Incline Railway on Lookout Mountain

The view from Lookout Mountain

Cows and fishermen

Houses on Tellico Lake

Sunken silos on Tellico lake

Head of navigation on Tellico lake

Nice old plantation house.

Downtown knoxville

The stadium

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