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2005 (page 6)
Travel log

Alabama (again)

Tuesday, August 16

To Mile 256, Florence, Alabama. Lots of towboat traffic during the night, but none during the day. Almost no traffic. Anchored just outside of river channel near marina and city park. Walked downtown Florence.

Wednesday, August 17

To Mile 308. Went through two locks, the first was the big 93 foot lift Wilson lock. I had to wait an hour for the next lock, a tow was going through it. Anchored off river behind island. There are not very many good anchorages in this stretch of river.

Wilson lock gates closing

Thursday, August 18

To Mile 350. Got 34 gallons gas at Ditto Landing marina. Had to wait an hour for the lock, a thunderstorm hit while an upstream boat was getting ready to enter lock, they had to wait until the storm passed. Anchored in beautiful harbor off Lake Guntersville. Nice big hills and trees all around.

Friday, August 19

To Mile 382. Stopped in Guntersville. I couldn’t figure out why Guntersville Marina was not listed in new guide, it was right downtown. I found out why, the marina no longer exists. I anchored in the harbor, and walked downtown, only a few blocks. I walked at least a mile, and couldn’t find a grocery store. I had a lousy lunch at one of the only restaurants downtown. I picked up anchor and headed on to a side creek near Scottsboro, at the county park and marina. I found a grocery store about two miles away.

Saturday, August 20.

To Mile 427. Another hot day, I can’t remember the last day that it didn’t get over 90. The weatherman says it should cool down a bit by Monday, highs in the mid 80‘s, and not as humid. Not too much weekend boaters, mainly small fast fishing boats. Gundersville Lake is pretty at first, but then gets a bit monotonous, it is almost straight NW after the first 10 miles. Went through Nickejack Lock, the mountains are starting to get a bit more impressive. Anchored in nice bay with cliffs nearby.

Wilson lock, the original double locks on the left

Tow leaving lock

Painted bluff, one of the first high bluffs on the river

Anchorage in Guntersville Lake

Bridge on Lake Guntersville.

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