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2001 page 2
Travel log

Sunset on the Mississippi

10/05  To mile 921, Lower Mississippi.  Strong south wind, cold front is supposed to come through today.  Anchored in narrow creek in Hickman, KY harbor.  It started raining just after I anchored.  Nice chop in river, boat handled it well, some pounding. 

10/06  Explored Hickman today.  Old guy at launching ramp said Hickman was "dried up".  Pretty good description - Lots of neet old buildings down town, most of them vacant.  Had decent burger at restauraunt in town, got beer and ice.  Went to mile 903, anchored by huge sandbar, had bonfire.  Nice weather, clear, low 60s.  Saw tow with motor home park on barge go by.

10/07 To mile 866. Stopped in New Madrid to explore for a while. Very un-interesting town.  No sign of it being one of the oldest towns in Missouri.  Moved on to anchor between two wing dams.

10/08 To mile 845, Caruthersville, Mo.  Anchored by wingdam near ugly casino boat.  Explored Caruthersville, found good restauraunt with $5.00 lunch special, and cool dive bar to hang around in for a while.

10/09 to 10/11 Stayed put, strong south winds, and then rainy.

10/12 To mile 804.  A little drizzle early, then started to clear.  Supposed to be another front coming through, tomorrow should be windy and rainy.  Found place to anchor by wing dam that is protected from south winds.  Saw large flock of white pelicans flying overhead. 

10/13 Rainy and windy, not quite as bad as forcast.  Stayed put.  Blew like stink about 3am for a while.

10/14 To mile 745. Breezy out of the west, but clear.  Long stretch heading into the wind, nice chop.  Had trouble finding good anchorage shy of Memphis, didn't want to arive late sunday.  Saw one pleasure cruiser heading south.

10/15 To mile 776, Memphis.  Got 40 galons gas.  Dockage $1.00 a foot, I splurged.  Nice marina, except for the long walk up hill to the showers.

10/16 went to Beal street to check out live music, not too impressed, except for the $3.25 beers.  Good river musiem next to marina, with half-mile scale model of the Mississippi River.  Neet old buildings in town.

10/17 To mile 664, Helena, Arkansas.  Clear day, mid 60s, nice.  Lots of stuff floating in river.

10/18 To mile 637. Explored Helena a bit, lots of boarded up buildings, including 2 schools and a church. Had nasty hamburger. Went on to anchor in harbor by nice sandbar, saw neet recked barge about 1/2 mile from river. Had nice bonfire.  Saw 1 more pleasure cruiser heading south.

10/19 To mile 558. Anchored behind big island, nice weather, clear, about 70.

10/20 To mile 537, Greenville, Mississippi. Nice day, again.  Greenville Yacht club only charged $12.00 a night.  Filled up with gas, figured I needed another 2 jerry cans to make new orleans, because the fuel dock at Vicksburg closed.  A man at the marina gave me 4 full gas cans that he didn't need.  Baught 18 gallons plus 20 gallons free.  One big Hatteras heading south docked for the night.

10/21 to mile 466, another nice day.

10/22 To mile 457, Vicksburg. Foggy in morning, didn't get started untill 11:00. Anchored in Yazoo river just past downtown.  Went to casino and had bad buffet.  found dive bar, was the only white person, everybody was friendly.

10/23 To mile 358.  Spent 1/2 hour trying to extract log from anchor line.  Went past Natchez, neet looking town, no good place to stop.

10/24 To mile 299.  Strong SW winds, nasty chop in some stretches.  Anchored behind island, had to almost a mile to find shallow enough water to anchor. 

10/25 To mile 210.  Clear N winds, not too cold.  Nice day.  Went past Baton Rouge, not a very nice looking city.  Anchored behind island.

10/26 To mile 133. Strong NE breeze, river choppy in places.  Anchored inside bend behind a bunch of barges.  Lots of commercial traffic, a few freighters.

10/27 To mile 59, through New Orleans.  Another windy and choppy day.  Lots to see around New Orleans.  Anchored in shallow spot on side of river.  Nice wake from passing freighters.

10/28 To mile 10, Venice.  took a while to find gas dock. Got 40 gallons. Another windy day.  Went to restauraunt and bar in Venice.


Mud Island Marina, Memphis


Wrecked barge

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Natchez, Mississippi

Interesting house


New Orleans

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