Building Mark V 39
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Launching 1
Launching 2

Done building, ready to cruise.

View from bridge

Cruising speed
Cruising speed

Idle speed

The boat is complete, and ready to cruise. We took it on a short test run, and it seems to work pretty well. I was amazed at the small turning radius it has with the centerboard down. I turned around in about 60 feet without backing. I will have more info on the speed and other performance after I test it on larger bodies of water.

The boat cruises at 8 knots at 4,500 rpm, which is 1,000 rpm below wide open.  It needs skegs added to keep it going in a straight line. I will add them when I haul the boat. I'm not sure if the centerboard is worth the effort, I will do some testing when the skegs are added.

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