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June 2001

On the morning of June 5,  I went out to my boat, and discovered it was broken into over the weekend.
One of the window frames was destroyed, and about $600 worth of stuff was stolen, including my VHF, fishfinder, and antique steering wheel. While they were stealing the fishfinder, they destroyed all the interior pannelling on the Port side to remove the transducer wire.
It rained a lot over the weekend, so lots of water got inside through the missing window, and the window and door that were left open. I spent most of the day cleaning up the mess.

Since I am only taking pictures of "progress", there are no pictures of the destruction.

I spent a week repairing damage done during the break-in.

The rub rails were attached. They are made out of 1" by 1 1/2" treated pine, with black PVC rubrails outside of that. The rubrail came from Hamilton Marine.

The gutter around the cabin top is 1/2" by 1 1/2" pine.

The ladder in back of the cabin, and the boarding ladder, were made from 1" treated pine.

The bow views show the home made anchor roller, and one picture has the front door open.

The couch was made with 5" foam on 1/2" plywood with cloth wrapped around and stapled to the back of the plywood. The back sets on top of two open drawers to form a 54" wide by 7" bed. Since the drawers are just boxes on wheels, they are strong enough to support the berth extension. There is plenty of room behind the settee back for bedding.

Stern view

Side view

Bow view


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