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April 2001

Panarame View

I figured out how to use the "panarama" function on the digital camara. Above is a view of the shop, showing both boats, and my clutter.

I painted the hull with Latex Enamel. I also cut out and assembled interior panneling,which was 1/4" Mahogony underlayment. I also installed the Tempo 24 gallon gas tanks, and assembled the cockpit seats.

The new owner of my building is going to leave the building up until July, so It doesn't look like I will lose the shop yet. I am extremely relieved. I will still try to get the boat done by the end of May, as I lost my private little homestead.

The drawers under the couch/bed are boxes on casters. The berth extension will sit on two of them. The desk has a roll-out box that has room for a printer and a computer tower, with storage for paper and disks. the desk top and counter tops are varnished 3/4" birch veneer plywood. The head counter has a sink that I removed from my travel trailer, and a lid over the bin for the peat moss for my composting toilet.

I also completed the front of the galley counter. It has a cutout for the stove, and drawer cutouts. the ice box will be at the aft end. You can see the helm seat that My Sister got at an auction for $6.00.

Some of the overhead panels were installed. I used white bathroom paneling, screwed in place.
The steering wheel is an antique I got from e-bay for $45.00. It didn't fit the shaft on the helm, so I had my brother machine an adapter. There wasn't enough room behind the adapter for the plastic bezel cover, which I think is ugly anyway, so I will make a new cover out of hardwood.

The adjustable sliding shelves for tha pantry were made, and the drawers were installed. The drawers will have hardwood faces.

The combination solar panel holder and dorade box was made. Name boards and running lights will be mounted on the sides of the box.

The centerboard is 3 layers of 1/2" plywood. The pattern was made when I was assembling the centerboard trunk. I feathered the edges with a disk grinder.

Helm area

Printer stand

Drawer under berth
Drawers under bed

Pantry shelves

Solar panel/Dorade box
Dorade box

Gas tank
Gas tank

Center board

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