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October, 2000

The boat was slid to one side of the shop on the strongback. We used two-by-eights for levers, and moved it sideways inch by inch. Then, the strongback and temporary frames were removed, and temporary braces were fastened across the shear.

Tires were stacked under one side of the hull, and the hull was lowered onto the tires gradually with a hydraulic jack and blocking.

We then jacked up the other side using two-by-fours, clamps and a lot of blocking. A two-ton comealong was used as a safety line. After the boat went over center, it was lowered the same way.

I sanded the inside of the bottom with a disk sander. All the old varnish and new epoxy had to be sanded off. I used quite a bit of sanding disks, as the old varnish gummed up the disks a lot.

Next, the side decks, 5 layers of 3/4" by 2" fir, were laminated in place. The wide side decks will add a lot of stiffness to the hullsides, so there won't need to be a lot of structural bulkheads.

After gluing the decks, the 1 1/2" by 3" cabin posts were fastened in place.

Lowering hull
Allmost done

side deck
Side deck

Jacking up side
Jacking up the hull

lowering hull
Lowering the hull

cabin posts
Installing the cabin posts

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