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May 2001

Two 6" squares were cut out of the centerboard, and a piece of plywood was screwed to one side. Galvanized nails were drove into the side of the hole to hold the lead. Lead was melted and poured in the holes.
One inch holes were drilled in the centerboard for the eyebolt nuts and washers. One eyebolt will be used for the pennent, and the other will be used to install and remove the board.
All low spots were filled and sanded, and it was sheathed in cloth and epoxy.

Black Walnut will be used for interior trim. Walnut was chosen because it looks nice and is about one fifth the price of teak.
The framing around the back door and windows were cut out, varnished and installed. The back window and sliding door were completed. Trim around the head door was also done.
The cabinet doors are 3/4" Walnut, lap joined, and glued with epoxy. The outside edges were routed with a roundover bit.
Inside, a rabbet was routed inside, and cane was installed with battens. Some of the doors will have solid white pannel inserts instead of cane.

The Sun-Mar composting toilet was installed in the head, after spending six months in my trailer.

There goes the shop. The building is being torn down around the boats. We will try to move the boat in the next few days. It should be interesting.

Today was the first day that I was able to see the boat from more than 15 feet away. I think I like it.

Moving day has arrived.
Since we didn't have to move the boat too far, we made skids out of telephone poles.

The boat was jacked up on blocks, and then the poles were dragged into place. Cross beams were noched to fit on top of the poles, and then spiked in place. The poles near the bow were chained tightly, so they wouldn't spread apart, and a chain was fastened to the poles near the stern where the cross-piece is.

The boat was then lowered onto the crosspieces, and a rope was fastened to the aft crossbeam, and tied to the cleat on deck, to keep the boat from sliding aft as it was dragged down the hill.

The aft chain was fastened to a tracter, and the whole rig was dragged down the hill to the new parking spot.

Bow view

Down the hill
Down the hill


Sliding back door

Comleted cabinet doors
Cabinet doors

both boats
There goes the shop

Another view
Up on blocks

and away she goes

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