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Launching Day, September 12, 2001.

The guy with the tractor was not available on Sep 11, so we waited a day. It later turned out that Sep. 11 wouldn't have been a good day to celabrate a boat launching.

The engine was fitted, and then removed. A piece of plywood was bolted to the transom to keep water washing over the outboard cut-out, because the ramp was pretty steep.

The boat was hauled about 10 miles to the launching ramp on the Lamine River. It was backed down the ramp. The bow hung up on the trailer a bit, but we pushed it off without too much dificulty.

The temporary extension to the transom was removed and then the motor was bolted on and the control cables were connected.

After 13 1/2 months, the boat is launched. I'm now ready for a vacation.

In the water

It floats!!
It floats

Tied to the bank

Ready to launch

Backing down the ramp
Down the ramp

Pushing it off the trailer
Pushing the boat off the trailer

Side view
At anchor

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