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Interior details.

The last few pages are sorted by subject, instead of date. The work was done in July, August, and early September.

Looking forward



Garbage bin
Garbage bin

Vent door
Sliding panel under dorade box

A bar sink was installed in the galley, and a faucet was installed in the head. I don't have hot running water, so I just connected the cold water line to both faucets. A pressure water pump was installed under the head counter, with a switch to turn it off when not in use.

An ice box with four inches of insulation is under the galley counter just aft of the stove space.

A fold-out garbage bin is across from the galley, which consists of a plastic garbage can screwed onto the inside of a door.

There is a sliding door under the dorade vent beneath the solar panels.

The table folds out onto sliding supports.

The Sun-Mar composting toilet came with a 12V exhaust vent that was much too loud, I replaced it with a Vetus 12V ventilator, which is much better. Under the box to the right is a diaphram hand pump connected to the toilet to pump out any excess liquid into another container, to be disposed of properly.

The windows are held open at a 45 degree angle with a bent brass rod stuck in a hole in the window sill.

Forecabin, looking aft.
Table and off-centerboard trunk.

Table extended
Table folded out.

Looking aft

Composting toilet in head

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