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In the water

April 2001

After the bulkhead openings were cut, The bunk flats and cabin sole were cut to fit. First, a pattern was made with scraps of plywood and drywall screws. The shape was cut out of 1/2" plywood, and trimmed to fit. It is a very good way to get the shape of oddly shaped panels, not much trimming was required to get the piece to fit.

The cockpit sole frames were also installed.

The V-berth was completed, and the portholes were cut out.
The gas tanks are 2 Tempo 18 gallon tanks, located under the counter in the galley on both sides. the outside pieces of the cockpit floor were glued down. The center sections will be removeable.

The foredeck was glued in. It was made in two sections with a butt-block. The helm was installed, and a shelf was put under it.

The cut-out was made in the transom for the outboard, and two layers of 3/4" plywood was laminated inside the transom for the motor mount.
The sides of the self bailing well were glued in place, and a cutout was made for the shelf that the Porti-Potti will go in.

Fuel tank
Gas tank under shelf

Outboard well
Motor mount

Cockpit sole framing
Framing under cockpit sole


View from above

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