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In the water

May 2001

A temporary frame to support the deck was assembled out of two-by-fours, which were covered with plastic. The shear was planed, using a batten to check the angle.
The first layer of 1/4" plywood was cut to shape, and glued and screwed to the shear and bulkheads. Strips of 1/2" plywood were temporarilly screwed down to the deck at the shear, to keep the 1/4" plywood from getting ripples. Two more layers of 1/4" plywood were then laminated onto the foredeck.

The deck and cockpit sole were sheathed with Zynole Polyester cloth and epoxy, and a bit of work was done on the motorwell area.

After moving the big boat, this was a piece of cake.
First, we jacked up the boat on blocks, and then pushed the trailer partly under the boat. Then the boat was winched onto the trailer as the trailer was being pushed back.
After the boat was on the trailer, the bunks and rollers were adjusted. It was then ready for the road.

Winching the boat

Trailer positioned

Foredeck framing
Temporary deck supports

First layer of foredeck

Ready for the road
Ready for the road

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Jun 01