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In the water

October/November 2000

The main material used is 1/2" AC Fir exterior plywood. Lowe's had nice 5-ply stuff, with out to many voids. The hull planking has the good side inside, and the outside will be filled and sanded before sheathing.
Dimension lumber was construction-grade pine. We dug through the stack to find the clearest stuff we could.
1:1 Laminating Epoxy from Fiberglass Coatings was used for all gluing, thickened with Coloidal Silica.

The boat was lofted full size on 5 sheets of plywood screwed down on two-by-fours with drywall screws. The frame and bulkhead demensions were taken from the lofting. (future builders will not have to loft, we just wanted to double-check the computer generated dimensions)

3/4" cleats were glued on one side of the bulheads. The main bulkheads were made complete, and will be cut out after the hull is turned over. The lower parts, where it would be awkward to cut with the skillsaw later, were cut before setup.
A pattern was made for the deck crown, so it could be cut while assembling the bulkheads.

The partial bulkheads (2 under the bunk, and 1 under the cockpit) were made out of 3/4" plywood with 3/4" pine frames.

A strongback was made out of two-by-fours, and levelled with a lasar level. Short uprights were installed to fasten the bulkheads to. It would have helped if the strongback was perfectly square, it makes marking the location of the bulkheads easier. We used a centerline string and a framing square, which was hard to get accurate.

Temporary battens were screwed to the frames to hold them upright. They were checked with a level and plumb-bob, and also by bending battens around the frames.

The transom was set on top of supports at the correct hight, and braced at the proper angle. The cutout for the outboard will be cut after the hull is turned over.

assembling frames
A few of the frames

Setting up transom
Setting up the transom

assembling frames on strongback

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