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In the water

January 2001

The first layer of 1/2" bottom planking was glued on, using drywall screws. The glue was cleaned off inside before it cured.

After the glue cured, the screws were removed, and the edges of the plywood were planed to match the chine log.
The notches for the lower sheer, which will be 2 layers of 3/4" by 2" pine, were cut the same way the chine log was cut.
The first layer of the sheer clamp was scarfed and glued together, and then fastened in place.
The seconed layer was then added after the first layer cured.

Notches were then cut for the upper shear clamps.
The forward shear clamp is 3/4" by 2" pine, and the after shear clamp was only 3/4" by 3/4" pine, to take the bend.

The shear clamps were planed with a hand plane to take the side planking. The upper part of the stem was also trimmed.

The plane has to be sharpened frequently, or this could be a very frustrating job. A power plane would have been nice to have, but not neccessary.

Ready for side planking
First layer of bottom planking

stern view

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