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Launching 1
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Details of construction of 39 foot houseboat.

The photos are organized by date. Click in the dates to see the progress up to that point.

Before starting construction, I had to find a shop to build in. When I built Whippoorwill, I started to build outdoors. Not a good idea. I learned my lesson; get a shop. I rented a two-car garage to finish building. (one hull just fit diagonaly in the garage)

This time, I spent about a month looking for a shop. I found a nice 48' by 28' building to rent. (a large section of the wall will have to be removed to get the boat out) The rent was nice and cheap, but if the property sells, I may have to move.

I also got a cheap trailer as a temporary home.

Trailer and shop
My shop and trailer

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Sep 00

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