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Below is a list of links that I found interesting.

Building supplies and gear

(Great company...Items are shipped promptly, and good customer service)
(The only reason I still have Defender listed is that they are the only source for Zynole-Polyester cloth. The have very poor service.)
(Hamilton Marine is a good source for fasteners, and they have a large selection of PVC rubrail, as well as other marine supplies.)
(I had to add a link to West Marine...There prices are sometimes high, but they are the most dependable mail order company. They have a great on-line catalog and order form, and they ship quickly, with very few backorders.)
(A very complete woodworking supply store, with an excellent on-line catalog.)
Not really a boatbuilding site, but I had to put my sisters web site somewhere.

Boat plan sources

Interesting boatbuilding projects

Craft A Craft (Mark V 28 builders blog)

Other sites