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Building info.
Mark V Designs

Materials and other information.

The boat is basicaly a flat bottom skiff. I flared the sides and added tumblehome towared the stern just for style.
The cabin will be a "streetcar cabin" style like the launches and water taxies from around 1900. Headroom will be at least 6'8" throughout the cabin. There will be lots of opening windows.
It is not an "offshore" boat, It's just a river and coastal cruiser.
Power will be a four stroke outboard between 25 and 50 HP.

The bottom will be one layer of fir toungue-and-groove flooring (from an old house, nice claer virtical grain stuff), followed by a layer of 3/4" plywood and a layer of 1/2" plywood. The sides will be two layers of 1/2" plywood.
After the boat is turned over, the inside of the bottom will be epoxied and varnished and will be the cabin sole.