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The Design
Mark V 20

Details of the design.

Side View

Plan View

My dad wanted a trailerable boat for short cruises, and traveling across the country and exploring different waterways. He didn't want it to be any longer than 20 feet, because that would be the largest size he could fit on the trailer he has. (We baught a used trailer to launch "Heart of Gold" with.)
He wanted a comfortable berth, and sitting headroom in the cabin, and an enclosed stand-up pilothouse. We started with a design close to Sam Devlin's Surf Scoter, but when it was shortened to 20 feet, the pilot-house and the cockpit were both too small.
We decided on the pilot-house/cockpit combination, with an extended hard top. The sides and back will be enclosed with canvas.

Speed was not a priority, so it will have a semi-displacement hull. A 50 horse 4-stroke is the bigest motor contemplated, which will give a comfortable cruising speed of about 12-13 knots. (rough estimate) A 25 horsepower motor is more likely, which will push it about 9 knots.
Originally, the motor was going to go in a well, but we decided to mount it on the transom to make more room in the cockpit. There will be a watertight bulkhead 2 feet forward of the transom.
The cockpit sole will be below the waterline for headroom,(6'6") so it will not be self-bailing. there will be a sump and a bilge pump for rainwater that might get in.

There will be storage compartments on each side of the motor. One of the compartments will house the Porta-Potti. (I don't like storing the s*** under my bed!)

The flush-deck will be stronger and give more interior room than a trunk cabin. The forward most part of the deck will be at the level of the lower shear, to put anchors and stuff there. Anchors will be handled while standing in the forehatch, to save going out on deck.
The cabin will have a 7 foot long V-berth. There will be removable panels so the aft part of the V-berth can be used as settees, with a nice view out the eliptical ports.

Aft of the bearth will be 2 1/2 foot counters on each side, with shelves above. There will be no built-in galley, as most of the cooking will be done in the cockpit with a camp-stove.

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