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Building Mark V 39

More window details

Two of the window frames warped after gluing them, so I had to re-make them. On one of the re-makes, I forgot the last step, which was checking to see if it fit before the glue cured. Of course, after the glue cured it didn't fit, so I had to re-make that one. You would think after making 17 of them, I would know what I was doing. Oh, well.

I cut a rabbet in the inside of the frames with a router, and ripped a strips of pine to use outside the plexiglass to hold it in place. The pieces for the curves at the top of the windows are soaking, in hopes that they will make the bend.

For the round porthole, I cut a circle out of a piece of 3/4" plywood, cut a rabbet in it, and glued it to the inside of the cabin side.

While I was messing around with the 15 windows, I sheathed the outside of the cabin, and parts of the cockpit, and deck. I also did some painting of bulkheads.

I am trying to do enough of the exterior of the boat so I can move it outside and not have to cover it with tarps. I think I am actually ahead of scedule. I originally planned on launching in early August, but now I may have it launched in May.

view from aft

view from forward


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