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The Design
Mark V Designs

Outboard powered Sharpie houseboat

I basicaly wanted an inexpensive and easy to build boat, but it had to be good-looking. I started out with a simple skiff, and then I tried to give it as much style as possible.

I have no plans of crossing an ocean, but I wanted it to be seaworthy enough to cross the gulf stream in good weather. I also wanted extremely shallow draft. This boat will have no skeg, but it will have a centerboard, which will help manouvering in a breeze, and also will double as a shallow water depth sounder.

The cabin interior will be 23' long, by about 8' wide, and headroom will be at least 6'8".(I'm kind of tall) Most of the windows will be opening for ventalation, and they will be low enough to see out of while sitting.

Aft, there will be a stateroom with a couch that converts to a queen sized berth, and a hanging locker and desk opposite.

Forward, there will be a large galley with a drop-leaf table, and enough floor space for a queen-sized air mattress for guests.

The head will be 4' by 4', and will have a composting toilet.

There will be a self-bailing cockpit aft, and a sunken foredeck, with a large hold underneath.

There will be room on the cabin top for a 12' skiff, and plenty of solar panels.

LOA 38'9"
LWL 38'
DISP 8,500 lb

The profile veiw